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Power Platform in practice
The Power Platform: tools for better business

Is this your own project or part of a team? Are there many deliverables or very few? These are critical factors in determining the right task management software.

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Keeping Up With Technology in 2020
The past decade has seen technology radically change almost every aspect of business management and development strategy. So it's crucial for companies looking to progress in 2020 to aim to be just as dynamic and adaptable as the technology they utilise. Making progress in the three key areas below will support you and your team in reaching your goals for 2020.
Power BI August Updates
Power BI August Updates

Power BI Desktop's latest updates include entirely new features, as well as some exciting new updates in reporting, data connection and more.

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Big brands using Power BI

Here’s a look at some of Power BI’s most well-known customers, and how they succeed in their problem-solving with Power BI.

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Non-techies thrive with Microsoft

With the rise of technology-driven workplaces, many employees are feeling the pressure to amp up their technology skill sets in order to keep up with others and the industries around them.  Here’s a few examples of how anyone can develop their technological capacity in just a few simple steps with easy-to-use Microsoft programs.

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Data Refresh in Power BI

In Power Bi, you can easily connect to your data, perform cleansing and modelling, and develop meaningful visuals. However a challenging concept is that of refreshing the data.

Power BI March Updates
Power BI March Updates

Power BI, Microsoft’s suite of business analytics tools has had a lot of updates this month. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in March.

Infographic visualisation
Creating Infographics in Power BI

One of the best ways to communicate your data effectively is to create a story with your data. You can create a number of effective visualisations for your data by using infographics in Power BI. Make it fun, get your readers attention!

Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part II
Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part II

Following on from Tuesday's post we come with the second post of our Power BI Seamless Integration series. Last week we delved into Apps that provide information to Power BI and this week we will be delving into Apps that integrate directly with Power BI and how to deal with Administration.

Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part I
Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part I

For our next series on Power BI our trainer Matt has put together a comprehensive guide on seamless Power BI Integration with Office 365. So, this follows along from last weeks series on Power BI Dashboard creation. For example, using Power BI integrations with Office 365 you will be able to create more powerful data driven dashboards.

Power BI Creation Series - Episode 2
Power BI Creation Series - Episode 2

Matt has created an interactive dashboard showcasing our upcoming courses with a powerful filter technique. Learn how you can do the same.

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Power BI Creation Series - Episode 1

Last week we created an interactive Power BI dashboard. As a result, we were able to use it to showcase our upcoming courses. Allowing anyone to filter the results based upon courses, locations and dates. We have received lots of questions about how we created the dashboard and this article will describe some key elements of the dashboard and how we created them.

Power BI Top Trainer Picks
Top Trainer Picks Microsoft Power BI

Discover Nexacu trainer Matt's top software pick for May - Microsoft Power BI. Why end-users need to Learn Power BI.

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Importance of DAX in Power BI

Data Analysis Expressions or DAX is the library providing users with an array of methods to analyse and shape data, and is a core component of SQL Server Analysis Services, Power Pivot in Excel and Power BI Desktop. A good understanding of DAX can make report authoring more simple and more powerful.

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Business Intelligence & Your Company

Business Intelligence (BI) is a concept that involves the delivery and integration of relevant and useful business information in an organisation. Here are some of the main reasons for investing in a good BI strategy and system.

What's new in Power BI
What’s new in Power BI 2018

According to the Microsoft Power BI website there are two major themes for the Power BI February update.

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Guide to Microsoft Power BI

Everything that you need to know to get started with Microsoft’s data visualisation toolset, Power BI.

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