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Bert Brown Oct 12, 2020
Did you know that there are keyboard shortcuts in Power BI

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to move around Power BI easily with your keyboard. 

What is Power BI?

Power BI gives you a single view of your most critical business data. Monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard, create rich interactive reports and access your data on the go. Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics with Power BI.

Who should be using Power BI?

Power BI is fast becoming a must have application in the workplace. It can be used by all levels of employees. Regardless of the industry, we all work in the age of data. Power BI offers an effective way of analysing and visualising that data. Users of Power BI do not need to be technical. As long as you can access your data, it can be imported into Power BI and you can analyse, create dashboards and gain insights. This offers a lot of freedom to the business user. Business critical dashboards can be created and shared with selected groups or whole organisations, to help support and guide decision making. These dashboards can refreshed to give real-time feedback. The Power BI app is also freely available to download on mobile. This means employees working remotely or on-the-road can still easily access their key reports from their mobile.

Power BI Shortcuts
Already a keen Power BI user? You will love these handy shortcuts.

Want to learn more about how to use Power BI?

Our Power BI courses are running across Australia and are also available for those working remotely. Our team of experienced trainers deliver courses from beginner level to advanced. We also teach DAX for those ready to take that step. 

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