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Power Query Transformations

Preparing data sources for analysis using Power Query

Data is all around us. We get it from many sources and don’t always have control of its format or layout, which can make it difficult to analyse, draw insights from and visualise.

Power Query (part of Excel and Power BI) gives you the tools to connect to many data sources and apply transformations including merging, shaping and cleansing.

We are passionate about teaching skills that participants can put to practical use immediately. During this webinar we will show you a number of common data problems and demonstrate various transformation techniques that you can put into practice straight away.

Course Details
90 minutes
Interactive Courseware
Practise Exams
Instructor Led
CPD Hours
1.5 hour
12 month
Live Q&A
Skill Level
Course Prerequisites

There are basic skills and software requirements for this workshop. To get the most out of this webinar, make sure you have the software ready to go.

Skill Requirements:

  • Intermediate to Advanced users of Excel.
  • Some basic knowledge of Power Query is assumed.
  • Power BI Intermediate course level knowledge.

Software Requirements:

  • Power Query either in Excel or Power BI
  • Introduction to Power Query
  • Navigating the Power Query Workspace
  • Power Query in Excel and Power BI
  • The M language
  • Accessing the Advanced Editor and Formula bar
  • Using query steps


  • Why we transform data
  • What data formats work best
  • Less columns, more rows
  • One row, one record


  • Transforming simple Pivoted Data tables 
  • Removing rows
  • Using Fill up/down
  • Using Go To Special in Excel
  • Using filters on rows
  • Using Unpivot
  • Renaming columns


  • Using the transformed output
  • Loading to Excel
  • Loading to Power BI for visualisation
  • Copying data direct from Power Query


  • Transforming large and complex Pivot Tables
  • Transforming nested (multiple) row headers
  • Using Transpose
  • Using Merge columns
  • Testing the transformation steps for updated data


  • Connecting to multiple web pages
  • Importing a web query using parameters
  • Creating a custom function
  • Defining a List to create a new Query
  • Invoking custom functions


  • Appending multiple tables with varying columns
  • Appending multiple tables
  • Merging and Splitting columns

Learning Outcomes

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System Requirements


  • Internet Explorer: Version 9 to 11
  • Firefox or Google Chrome: Latest Version

Software requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.5.x, 10.6.x *(Online self-paced courses courseware works with Mac OS, diagnostic tests do not.)

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