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Our Company Values

Our values are not just a few bullet points in a handbook.
They are fundamental to who we are as a company.
They guide what we do, how we do it and who we hire.

Our Company Values

No Bull@#!!

Our organisational structure is flat by design.
We are all on the same team.
Be open, be honest.

Share Knowledge

Be curious, ask questions, share knowledge
and rally together. We all add value and are stronger as a team.

Grow & Innovate Thoughtfully

Develop new courses, offerings, locations and avenues for growth
in an ambitious yet thoughtful way. Balance.

Give a Sh*t

Care about our customers, our team
and our company. Own your role.

System First

The system is your friend. Use it to your advantage.
Embrace and improve our tech solutions to remove friction.
Our people energy should go into solving complex problems and
providing a value-add service.
The system should free up time to make that possible!

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