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excellent - well explained and went back over details that may have been missed by some participants. Very informative
Cat - Microsoft 365 Beginner Remote Online, .
Danny showed patience and was able to manage the group effectively.
Nichole - Microsoft 365 Beginner Remote Online, .
Danny was great. Easy to follow
Kerry - Microsoft 365 Beginner Remote Online, .
Ben was very knowledgably and went through the course content, explaining everything well. I welcomed the useful hints and tips especially the shortcut / control key options to do things. It reinforced what I already knew and added a lot more to some features I hadn't been aware of. I learned a lot and at some point might do the advanced course!
Jackie - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .
The trainer demonstrated all the key concepts in a detailed
Pratish - Power BI Advanced Perth, .
Need a bit more context of each function
Palida - Power BI Advanced Perth, .
Very informative
Linda - Power BI Advanced Perth, .
Good session with some useful options that will allow me to scrutinize data more effectively and efficiently.
Harry - Excel Advanced Remote Online, .
Ben is really knowledgeable and always helpful with short cut tips. Maybe can include 1 more short break in between (maybe at least 5 mins) to increase our concentration span :) Thank you.
Siti - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .
Excellent facilitation. The trainer was punctual and kept the course moving at a rapid rate. I do think absolute beginners would struggle with the pace though, and some definitions could use more 'layman' explanations, though the trainer did ask for questions before moving on. Using Jupyter to run the course is a great idea. The examples and solutions throughout mean students can go back and re-read sections and catch up easily.
Jack - Python Basics Remote Online, .
Ben was fantastic! He kept us engaged the entire day and was very knowledgeable. Great experience. Thank you!
Shelby - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .
Excellent course! Definitely picked up a few tips and will look at doing the Advanced & Expert courses soon :)
Emily - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .
Great presentation, explained well and lots of topics covered. thank you
Suzi - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .
Ben was by far the best course teacher I have had, his easy way of explaining and showing things, he kept a good pace with the course, not too fast and not too slow, everything flowed really well from one topic to another. He kept me engaged the whole time. Really brilliant, I learnt quite a lot!
Lizzie - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .
Awesome teacher, explained the topic so well. Well Done!
Amabelle - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .
I LOVED this class. For an all-day class it was very engaging, very logical and at an awesome pace. It's given me a lot of confidence. Michael was fantastic, he used appropriate examples and taught confusing concepts very simply. He also listened to every question and answered them and allowed enough time for all questions, I have already registered for the intermediate class and genuinely hope he's the teacher.
Elnaz - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
Thank you Michael for patiently answering all questions and clearly showing all the steps.
Amit - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
Presentation speed was fast enough that we had to pay attention or fall behind. Very knowledgeable presenter and very personable. Will enjoy attempting to start building power bi reports / dashboard at work. Looking forward to intermediate in a couple of weeks.
KATHLEEN - Power BI Beginner Remote Online, .
An excellent session. Examples were well thought out and delivered, the content was paced really well and explanations using real work examples/anecdotes were very helpful to a total-newbie. Thank you Tamara, I really enjoyed the session!
Kris - Python Basics Remote Online, .
Stuart was a very enthusiastic instructor in this session and was patient to all attendees. He went through everything in detail and showed us many shortcuts which were extremely helpful. This course was very helpful and was set out clearly with the use of its materials- I highly recommend how structured and clear this session was. Thank you Stuart and team!
Martina - Excel Intermediate Remote Online, .

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