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great presentation and explanations -Excel Intermediate Sydney
Chris - Excel Intermediate, .
Very helpful -Excel Intermediate Sydney
Daniel - Excel Intermediate, .
Danny is great, very helpful and learnt a bunch -Excel Intermediate Sydney
Darren - Excel Intermediate, .
Thank you for running this course. I found it to be really beneficial and helped with my understanding of a lot of key functions that I have not had much experience with yet. -Office365 Intermediate Brisbane
Sarah - Office365 Intermediate, .
Thank you it was wonderful. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Kay - Power BI Beginner, .
I found Jason very easy to understand and listen to. He explained things clearly and was quite engaging. Thank you! -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Treena - Power BI Beginner, .
AA -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Peter - Power BI Beginner, .
Great day. Easy to follow, insightful and instructor (Jason) was very patient. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Damon - Power BI Beginner, .
Awesome, thank-you Jason -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Jackie - Power BI Beginner, .
Thanks Jason. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Moeko - Power BI Beginner, .
excellent !!!! Jason made it seem so easy -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
jackson - Power BI Beginner, .
Good introduction to PowerBI, -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Brent - Power BI Beginner, .
Good value, just a little short to cover everything thoroughly. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Julie - Power BI Beginner, .
The teacher was very helpful, and I learnt a lot from the course. Thank you -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Jordan - Power BI Beginner, .
A great course with clear guidelines and instructions. Steven was a great teacher, very patient and willing to answer all questions as the day moved along. NFP -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Claire - Power BI Beginner, .
Great course. Fantastic teacher. Amazing time management. Super clear and useful material. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
private - Power BI Beginner, .
Very well presented, nice pace and very thorough, I highly recommend it. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Adriana - Power BI Beginner, .
Was a great course, Steven went at a good pace ensuring that our team of 9 was able to keep pace & understand what we were doing. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Miles - Power BI Beginner, .
Great course -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Rebecca - Power BI Beginner, .
Great intro to a very complicated product. The course covered a lot of ground and I will be referring to the printed manual, which looks very good. Very fast paced but I could keep up (just!). -Power BI Beginner Sydney
Irvin - Power BI Beginner, .

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