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Ready to see how software training can supercharge your ROI? Our recent client case studies show the real impact our clients have experienced following their training with Nexacu. Explore how our training has assisted in transforming their people, business, growth, and profitability.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a ROI calculator?

A: A ROI calculator is a tool that helps organisations or individuals estimate the return on investment (ROI) they can expect from investing in software training for their employees.

Q: How is the ROI calculated on a software training ROI calculator?

A: The ROI is calculated by considering various factors including but not limited to, the cost of the training, the number of employees being trained, average salaries, projected productivity improvements, and time savings as a result of the training. This calculator is based on an extensive survey of Nexacu customers across all courses.

Q: What types of training can be included in the ROI calculations?

A: Our calculator can estimate the ROI on any of our public or workplace courses as offered at Nexacu.

Q: How can organisations utilise the results of a ROI calculator?

A: The results of the ROI calculator can be used to make informed decisions about the value of investing in software training for employees. It can also help to justify the budget for software training to decision-makers within the organisation.

Q: What is the difference between workplace and public bookings?

A: Workplace bookings – booking option for teams in a private training session. Public bookings – enrolment in a session open to the general public.

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