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Reviews and Qualification

Upholding our high standards of teaching is at the core of Nexacu. Our focus on trainers receiving positive participant reviews has seen us grow to be Australia’s fastest growing national provider of training in Microsoft applications. 

All our course participants are asked to submit an online training review. First of all, where they provide a star rating and write comments on the trainer and training experience generally. All feedback (both positive and negative) is shared with the trainer. Future courses are based on the feedback we received from students. 

While some of our trainers have vocational level qualifications (such as Cert 4 in Training and Assessment). We found there was a low correlation between having such qualifications and receiving consistently high participant review ratings. Review ratings is a broader measure of trainer effectiveness. It measures not only technical knowledge which is key. Also, it focuses on other factors such as communication, patience and flexibility in approach based on the audience.

From our last count*, we have received over 15,000 participant reviews at an average star rating of 4.75 stars out of 5.

If the feedback is below the high standard we expect, we investigate internally. Informing the trainer, contacting the participant and in some cases terminating the employment with the trainer are some examples of the actions we take to uphold our standards. 

All our trainers undertake our internal induction and training to ensure they are ready for delivering training. Our induction includes attending numerous courses as a student, training and preparation by one of our full time experienced trainers and often flying a fulltime trainer to different cities to prepare a new trainer. We also allow new trainers to deliver part of a session to build confidence and style ahead of delivering future courses solo. This proven method has seen us grow while keeping the quality of our courses high.

When viewing training companies in our space we have found that certifications and accreditations guarantee higher prices for customers but not review ratings. In some cases there seems to be an inverse relationship between certifications and customer satisfaction whether considering RTO’s or even Uber vs taxis.

Our approach may be different from others but ensures our prices are competitive and the quality of training is high.

* Count as of Q3 2019

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