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Microsoft Power BI Courses in Parramatta

Learn how to get valuable insights from your data with Power BI training.

All courses available in-class or remotely.
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Power BI courses are delivered in our Parramatta CBD offices, by our experienced Microsoft Certified trainers. 

Power BI helps you reduce risk, increase efficiencies, and unlock insights to drive more informed decisions for every department. We have pioneered Power BI training in Australia. We continuously search and discover new IT developments, designing and delivering unique courses which provide a productivity advantage for every student. Our experienced trainers will teach you Power BI from the beginner level through to advanced.

We also provide Power BI training in the workplace across New South Wales.

Microsoft Power BI Courses in Parramatta

Learn Power BI, beginner to advanced from our experienced trainers. Parramatta classes available remotely.
from $ 385
10 max
1 day
Course Dates
Upcoming Courses:
Course Dates
Wed 5-May-21
Wed 5 May
Power BI Beginner
Status: Scheduled
Thu 6-May-21
Thu 6 May
Power BI Intermediate
Status: Scheduled
Fri 7-May-21
Fri 7 May
Power BI Advanced
Status: Scheduled
Mon 17-May-21
Mon 17 May
Power BI Beginner
Status: Few Seats
Few Seats
Tue 18-May-21
Tue 18 May
Power BI Intermediate
Status: Scheduled
Wed 19-May-21
Wed 19 May
Power BI Advanced
Status: Scheduled
Thu 20-May-21
Thu 20 May
Power BI DAX
Status: Scheduled
Thu 27-May-21
Thu 27 May
Power BI Beginner
Status: Scheduled
Wed 2-Jun-21
Wed 2 Jun
Power BI Beginner
Status: Scheduled
Thu 3-Jun-21
Thu 3 Jun
Power BI Intermediate
Status: Confirmed
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Taking enrollments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the content in these Power BI Courses be relevant for the workplace?

Yes, our course writers and trainers have industry backgrounds. Our core principle is to deliver training that our students can not only use in the workplace but will actually drive increased efficiency and productivity gains. We teach the key elements of Power BI from Beginner to Advanced; starting with a focus on visualisations and quickly progressing to data manipulation and modelling. We also offer DAX and Microsoft Official 20778 courses.

How many student are typically in a Parramatta Power BI Training Course?

While this varies from session to session, we typically have 5 students in our Power BI classes. We cap our classes at 10 students. This is to ensure the quality of training remains high and that all students can ask questions and engage in discussion.

Where is the training held in Parramatta?

Your Power BI training will be held at our Parramatta office, Level 3, 90 Phillip St., Parramatta.

I previously attended a course with Excel Consulting, will the training be similar?

Yes, we rebranded from Excel Consulting in October 2019. The business quickly outgrew its original name. Our new brand Nexacu, better reflects our direction, continued innovation and commitment to deliver next level learning. We have always refined and continue to update our courses but retain our excellent trainers and deliver the same high quality content.

Power BI Course Details

Power BI Beginner: $385
Power BI Intermediate: $595
Power BI Advanced: $595
Power BI DAX: $595
1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
Training Computer
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Level 3, 90 Phillip Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

*Limited in-class seats due to COVID-19.

Power BI Course Outlines

  • Power BI Beginner
  • Power BI Intermediate
  • Power BI Advanced
  • DA-100 Power BI Certification
Course Rating
Microsoft Power BI Training Courses

4.71 5 Microsoft Power BI Training Courses
4.71 out of 5
7212 Student Reviews

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There is a free Parramatta Shuttle Bus loop that runs every 10min and stops close to the training location.

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Valued by Individuals

4.71 / 5
Over 7212 Reviews
Great session! Very informative. Ken was a great presenter, very patient and helpful. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Donna - Power BI Intermediate, .
Ken is a very good teacher and the whole training course is very informative and enjoyable. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
TUAN - Power BI Intermediate, .
Thought it was great! Very engaging considering completed remotely. Definitely helpful. Thank you! -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Lauren - Power BI Intermediate, .
Thank you for the course. Very clear and concise. I would definitely recommend the intermediate course for people with beginner experience. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Matthew - Power BI Intermediate, .
Excellent course, a lot of information to take in over a day but very useful and feel confident enough to play around PBI on my own. Facilitator was very engaging and entertaining, so helped us stay tuned throughout the day. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Iantha - Power BI Intermediate, .
Great pace, good examples and easy to follow. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Tania - Power BI Intermediate, .
The final section I lost track. But thoroughly enjoyed the 1st 3 sections. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Christopher - Power BI Intermediate, .
Great course with very clear guidance on how to build reports, etc. Highly recommended! -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Gavin - Power BI Intermediate, .
Thanks Ken for your knowledge and time today. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Adam - Power BI Intermediate, .
Great session, Ken! Thank you for the course :) -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Evlyn - Power BI Intermediate, .
Domenic is so patient and kind thank you for teaching me! -Power BI Beginner Perth
Lisa - Power BI Beginner, .
Well presented -Power BI Beginner Perth
Mike - Power BI Beginner, .
The course was well placed and very informative -Power BI Beginner Perth
Erin - Power BI Beginner, .
Good training, please don't send me any spam emails -Power BI Beginner Perth
Daniel - Power BI Beginner, .
Solid course thanks. -Power BI Beginner Perth
Mike - Power BI Beginner, .
Great -Power BI Beginner Perth
Lorraine - Power BI Beginner, .
This was one of the best online courses I have done. The presenter did a great job of explaining things and keeping things on track, and also answered questions along the way in a very helpful way. My only suggestion would be that there could be some time at the end of the day (say up to 1/2 hour) for Q&A in which participants could ask more questions they had from the session, and/or further items of interest could be pursued. (And I guess participants who weren't interested in further discussion could leave). I felt the schedule was so full there wasn't much time for discussion. -Power BI Advanced Melbourne
Leo - Power BI Advanced, .
The course was very helpful in improving Power BI skills with quite a variety of topics covered. The trainer was very helpful and engaged with everyone to keep all on same page and involved. Would definitely recommend the course and Nexacu to people around me. Thanks -Power BI Advanced Melbourne
Nadia - Power BI Advanced, .
Appreciate Ken's thoroughness and great guidance for the Power BI series. -Power BI Advanced Melbourne
Terry - Power BI Advanced, .
well presented course and easy to follow. -Power BI Advanced Melbourne
michael - Power BI Advanced, .

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