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Hannah Pearson Nov 18, 2021
Nexacu has recently made the switch from printed to digital materials. The change was long coming, and we were finally able to make the jump with the introduction of our student portal.

Why we transitioned to eBooks.

1. We wanted to do our bit for the environment. We've reduced the amount of resources and energy that are used for our manuals.

2. Postage is becoming unreliable and slow. Students undertaking our remote courses weren't receiving their manuals in a timely manner.

3. We are protecting our students from obsolescence of material. The applications our courses are based around are constantly updated making printed manuals outdated. Digital manuals mean students can access updated material for 2 years after the course.

4. Digital manuals allow us to protect our intellectual property. Not all training companies are committed to keeping their resources up-to-date as we are. The digital manual allows us to have control over what we have written, who has access to it, and where it goes. 

5. In a survey of our past students, we found many didn't even use the printed manual and they were simply collecting dust. The digital manual prevents the use of resources for a manual that won't even be used. 

6. By making our manuals digital, we encourage students to learn from our Microsoft Certified Trainers and not a book. What makes our training so effective is the knowledge of our industry leading trainers and the interaction they have with their students. Students lose out if they are concentrated on what the manual says and not what is taught by our trainers. 

7. An eBook is available any place at any time. If you need to refer to your manual at home or work but have left it elsewhere you will lose valuable time. A digital manual cannot be forgotten or lost.

Student Portal Materials

Our Course Materials are made up of 3 parts:

1. Exercise Files - these files contain sample data that the trainers will refer to on the day. 

2. Course Guide - these are overviews of our courses that are downloadable and shareable for our students.

3. eBook - Our eBooks are more detailed than our course guides and are available for 2 years after the student undertakes the course. eBooks can be viewed but are not downloadable or shareable. Within the eBook the table of contents and footer are hyperlinked enabling you to jump forward and back to your preferred preferred section of the eBook. When you hover your cursor over the table of contents, the sections will highlight yellow. Once you have reached the section you would like to view, click it. This will take you down to the page. 

Nexacu eBook instruction

Nexacu eBook instruction

At the bottom of each page is a 'back to top' hyperlink which will take you back to the menu. 

You can also use the usual command/control f and use the built-in search function within your web browser. In the top left hand corner of the window, there is a search bar within the document reader. 

This will bring up every instance that the word or phrase you type into the search bar appears in the document. Use the arrows to navigate between the appearances: the reader will automatically start at the first appearance and go chronologically through the document.
  • The 'Highlight all' function will highlight every instance of a word. This is useful in large blocks of text where the word appears multiple times.
  • The 'Match case' function will only bring up instances where the case is exactly matched to what you typed. For example, if you only use lowercase letters, the search will not bring up any words with capitals (such as at the start of a sentence).
  • The 'Whole words' function will only return results when they are complete words that match the search exactly. For example if you look up a verb (e.g. populate) the search will only return populate, not any variations such as populated or populates. 
Nexacu eBook instruction

How to Access your eBook

Initially, the post-course eBooks are available through two places: the link provided in your final confirmation and through the student portal. This link will expire 25 days after your course.

Final confirmation (sent via email 2-4 days prior to your course):

Nexacu eBook instruction
Student Portal: 

Nexacu eBook instruction

25 days after your course,
the only place to access your post-course eBook is through the student portal. On the Post Course eBook ribbon, click request access. 

Nexacu eBook instruction

This will prompt the following message. If the email displayed is not the email you wish to be used to send the verification code, you can add linked email through the my details ribbon on the left hand menu. 

Nexacu eBook instruction

Once the 25 days is up and you have completed the above step, to access your past course eBook, click view. Make the choice between opening the eBook in a new tab or the current one.

Nexacu eBook instruction

This will prompt a login screen. Use the email you would like the code sent to, ensuring it is linked to your Nexacu account. Once you have done this, click next. This will prompt the browser to take you to the next screen and for a verification code to be sent to your inbox. 

A 6-digit verification code will be sent to your email. Input that code into the field as indicated by the arrow and click verify. This will give you access to the eBook for 1 month on that device. If it has been over a month since you last accessed your eBook or you are accessing it on a new device, you will have to request and input a verification code again. 

Still want a printed booklet?

If you would prefer a printed booklet, they are available for $20. Please contact 1300 886 190 or email to arrange printing, payment, and postage. 

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