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From mid-March COVID turned our business upside down as students were either; not permitted or became reluctant to attend CBD-based classroom training. We pivoted quickly from our face-to-face (F2F) classes and moved all courses to remote instructor-led sessions. As restrictions eased, our trainers returned to our centres to conduct blended training sessions.

Blended sessions combine F2F students with students attending remotely through MS Teams. Our normal session cap of 10 was retained to maintain the small, hands-on and interactive nature of the training that our students value. Currently, F2F student caps vary across the country depending on the state restrictions ranging from 0 in Melbourne and back to 10 in Perth and Adelaide.

After 7 months of running blended instructor-led training, we can now talk from a position of experience, backed by data about how our students have scored their experience of remote training with versus face-to-face training.

Students provide a score out of 5 and a comment at the conclusion of each training session. Sample size – 2102 students in the sample from 1st April to 12th October. This dataset includes sessions for public enrolment only.

Overall Scores

Delivery Method Average Score
F2F 4.74
Remote 4.64
Total 4.68
  • Both F2F and Remote delivery score well
  • F2F satisfaction scores are higher when comparing the 2 directly;

Scores over time

  • There was an understandable adjustment to remote delivery in April and May
  • Our trainers have improved their remote satisfaction scores over time.
  • F2F scored higher with the exception of June, a period of readjustment back to F2F.

Student numbers over time - Remote versus F2F

  • Students are returning to the classroom when allowed to do so.
  • Forward bookings are showing a growing trend of students returning to the classroom.

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Good knowledge and very useful. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Liliana - Excel Intermediate, .
The instructions were clear and provided advice on pivot tables and graphs which found very helpful. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Dayle - Excel Intermediate, .
Very informative and easy to follow and understand. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Cindy - Excel Intermediate, .
Very well presented, Steven was very patient and explained things very well. was a very informative day. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Katherine - Excel Intermediate, .
Very informative course, well presented and I will use a lot of this information -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Valerie - Excel Intermediate, .
Steven was a great teacher he was very patient and did everything step by step so it wasn't confusing. Would recommend this course to someone who is wanting to learn about excel. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Maddison - Excel Intermediate, .
Steven was very patient and went back to re-do steps if we got confused. Learnt a lot and was very informative. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Kim - Excel Intermediate, .
Very informative - expanded on my knowledge. Some good tips were provided regarding shortcuts. -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Michelle - Excel Intermediate, .
Very informative course! -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Julie - Excel Intermediate, .
Steven was a great trainer -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Michelle - Excel Intermediate, .
Thanks a good fast paced course with a knowledgable trainer -Excel Intermediate Remote Online
Vicki - Excel Intermediate, .
Really informative course with Jason. Went at a good pace and constantly asked if we had any questions. -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Roland - Excel Intermediate, .
Great session! Very informative. Ken was a great presenter, very patient and helpful. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Donna - Power BI Intermediate, .
xlnt presenter -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Neal - Excel Intermediate, .
Ken is a very good teacher and the whole training course is very informative and enjoyable. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
TUAN - Power BI Intermediate, .
Great day. Learnt a lot of new info about how to better use excel and save myself a lot of time trying to figure things out. Will reduce my workload! -Excel Intermediate Brisbane
Natalie - Excel Intermediate, .
Thought it was great! Very engaging considering completed remotely. Definitely helpful. Thank you! -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Lauren - Power BI Intermediate, .
Thank you for the course. Very clear and concise. I would definitely recommend the intermediate course for people with beginner experience. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Matthew - Power BI Intermediate, .
Excellent course, a lot of information to take in over a day but very useful and feel confident enough to play around PBI on my own. Facilitator was very engaging and entertaining, so helped us stay tuned throughout the day. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Iantha - Power BI Intermediate, .
Great pace, good examples and easy to follow. -Power BI Intermediate Melbourne
Tania - Power BI Intermediate, .

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