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Hannah Pearson Nov 12, 2021

An aspect of our ethos is constant innovation. We want to provide the best training, of the most up to date skills, on the best technology. Accordingly, we have recently upgraded the computers in our offices across Australia. Instead of selling the still functional old laptops, we decided a much better choice was to donate them to a worthy cause. The Lovewell foundation is dedicated to working with women who are rebuilding their lives. Through the provision of training, mentoring, and employment opportunities, Lovewell helps women find their feet. Their café, set in the green hills of mount Gravatt, helps them fulfil their purpose.

It is so important to help those who are experiencing hard times and those who have been less fortunate. We hope our donation makes those at Lovewell able to help more women rebuild.

To help the Lovewell foundation, patronise their café or donate to their foundation. Details can be found on their website

lovewell foundation cafe brisbane hope foundation

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