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Skills Badges

Students can earn their skills badges by completing specific combinations of courses that will increase their employability. These could either be the entire series of one application or a variety of courses that endow the student with valuable skills in a particular area. For example, completing our Word beginner, PowerPoint level 1, and Excel Beginner courses will enable a student to achieve their Bronze office productivity verified digital badge. 

We also offer various levels for most of our badges. Showing potential employers that you have specialised training will help you stand out from the crowd and give you an edge. 

office productivity

Likewise, completing all 4 of our Power BI courses will enable a student to achieve their Power BI series badge. In the student portal, you can view all of the journeys you have partially completed under the 'Journeys and Badges' ribbon. Skills in the applications we teach are highly sought after and will boost your at-work efficiency. 

Below you can see the journeys that a student has started just be doing the project beginner course. We have created over 30 journeys to suit individual needs. From those joining the job market for the first time to securing your spot, we have a journey that will help you achieve your goals. 

badge journey


Once you finish the journey you are able to claim your digital Credly badge through the student portal. Sharing this badge to your LinkedIn profile will showcase your newfound knowledge and experience. 


Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft certifications are issued by Microsoft. To achieve a Microsoft certification, you must pass the exam related to that certification. Our certification programs are Microsoft certified programs which are more comprehensive and generally longer in duration than our Nexacu skills badges. This is because the Microsoft exams are notoriously difficult - but on the flipside, a Microsoft certification demonstrates your unique expertise. 

Our certification programs will generally take you through all of the courses we offer that are relevant to the particular certification. On top of attending our courses, the programs also recommend additional study. 

The goal is for the student to ultimately be considered a Microsoft Expert once they complete the program.

Our certification packages are typically booked through the website in a bundle. We have various options available, but the best value for your money is our full programs. Attending only the courses you think you need and buying the exam separately is much more expensive and you will lack the support that being in the program provides. 


Nexacu Certifications

Nexacu certifications are currently only offered for data analytics, within applications not owned by Microsoft (hence there is no Microsoft certification). The Nexacu certifications involve attending the relevant data analytics courses and then completing a final project that is reviewed by one of our expert data analysts before you are certified. You will learn incredibly valuable skills that you can showcase to potential employers through LinkedIn. 

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