Jamila Winter Aug 17, 2017
Skeleton using outdated technology

The Pitfalls of Outdated Tech

Outdated Tech although may not be financially dangerous in your personal life. But may be extremely detrimental to your work environment or to your business. Not only would you be at risk of losing profit. But you may also be putting your entire business at risk.

You or your company may be doing their very best to deliver on the high expectations of your customers, business partners and investors. While having to deal with your company's technological limitations.

To increase productivity technology is provided to employees with the intent of helping to increase their productivity by saving both time and effort. While also reducing human error, and driving the speed of service to customers. But when your technology becomes a daily source of frustration for yourself or your team. It’s time to start looking for alternative solutions to make the work easier. That may be an increase in the amount of training you or your staff complete or you may have to consider alternative technological solutions. If you value your performance it’s important not to lag in technology too much.

Here are the main downsides of using outdated technology:

  • People spend more time navigating administrative tasks than they do engaging with customers and each other in value-added ways.
  • Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it becomes increasingly difficult to compete if your business relies on outdated tech.
  • People, especially customers expect an exceptional user experience when they interact with technology. When your technological user experience fails to provide a clean and easy to navigate interface. Your company is being judged very poorly and that does not lead to conversions.
  • Outdated tech, or cobbled together solutions. Limits your ability to respond to the needs of your organizations. In addition to market changes in a timely matter.

Then, of course, there are the purely technical downsides of outdated tech on your organization’s performance. Including but definitely not limited to: data loss, cyber-attacks, data security and limited tech support from software and hardware providers. Which  may be more critical than you think. These are situations that can affect and do effect every company that does not maintain their technological base or fails to properly educate their employees on its uses. Don't stand still, review your staff skill set and systems regularly!


Just like outdated tech, outdated skills will do you more harm than good. Keep yourself up to date by attending one of our many Microsoft courses which will help you get back onto your feet. 

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