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These days almost every form of business especially small business relies on technology to maintain and improve their operation. However, keeping up with the fast pace of technological change can be especially difficult for the business owner. Therefore, already burdened with the numerous tasks required to keep his or her company afloat, day in day out.

See below for our top picks of small business technology. That will help you gain a competitive edge in 2018 and beyond.

Mobile is a ‘Must Have’

Perhaps no technology has gained greater adoption or grown more quickly than mobile. More than six billion people worldwide used at least one mobile device and this number is only expected to grow. Businesses should incorporate the use of mobile in three main ways: Website design, apps & payment.


Mobile friendly websites

Leading on from the above point, with more and more people accessing the web via mobile. Small businesses can no longer avoid making a mobile-friendly version of their website available to consumers for two reasons:

  • Search engines now offer mobile friendly websites with an increase in ranking;
  • Businesses that lack a mobile version of their website could lose business as consumers opt for those that do


Mobile Apps

In addition to mobile friendly websites having a well-developed and well-tested app is just as an effective marketing strategy that gets results.

Previously, mobile app development required someone with specialised skills. These days, platforms such as Microsoft PowerApps allow non-technical users to easily create mobile apps, so there is no excuse to do without this important technology.


Companies are switching to the cloud (and not coming back)

The use of on premise software and hardware is just as good as extinct for small business as the availability of cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 are cheaper and more efficient. Cloud-based solutions offer greater scalability, security, efficiency and flexibility regarding access than any form of on premise solution.


Business Intelligence Brings Better Decision Making

BI provides the capability to track, store, process and analyse data which can lead to smarter decision making regarding cutting expenses, finding new business growth opportunities and improving overall performance.

Platforms like Microsoft Power BI makes garnering insights more affordable and makes it easier to harness the power of big data and predictive analysis.

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It is the 1st time that I use Power BI and at the end of the training session I have gained a good knowledge. Ken was organised and helpful. -Power BI Beginner Canberra
Kumara - Power BI Beginner, .
Very helpful and easy to understand. -Excel Advanced Perth
Bennett - Excel Advanced, .
Another great workshop with Dom, always helpful and keeps things exciting. Very knowledgeable and a great teacher. -Excel Advanced Perth
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Learnt so much! -Excel Advanced Perth
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Excellent course. Well delivered and informative. -Excel Advanced Perth
Stephen - Excel Advanced, .
Great course and instructor! -Excel Advanced Perth
Tara - Excel Advanced, .
Thank you Michael. You are Very supportive, I hope with your little help I will be able to put my BI training to real use Best Regards, -Power BI DAX Sydney
Gurwinder - Power BI DAX, .
A great course - covered a lot & Michael is very knowledgeable & patient! -Power BI DAX Sydney
Lauren - Power BI DAX, .
Lot of content, Michael was easy to follow and very helpful. I have lots to take back to work an d practice. I note that we didn't go through the book as it is laid out and there are probably a lot of exercises that we didn't get time to do. I expect that this will need to be done in our own time later. I think this course can be stretched over 2 days. -Power BI DAX Sydney
Fiona - Power BI DAX, .
Very useful course and excellent tutor. Keen to know more about DAX Studio. -Power BI DAX Sydney
Lina - Power BI DAX, .
Great trainer, really engaging which is difficult in a virtual environment. Covered a lot in one day, and looking forward to the next course. -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Kelleigh - Power BI Beginner, .
Jagg explained everything clearly and in a very logical order which helped with understanding the intricacies and end result of the package. He handled the hybrid teaching environment (online and face to face) very well. -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Suranie - Power BI Beginner, .
Well paced, easy to follow, engaging presentation -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Nathaniel - Power BI Beginner, .
Good tutorial class. Learnt a lot! -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Julian - Power BI Beginner, .
A great foundation for an introduction to Power BI. -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Jason - Power BI Beginner, .
-Power BI Beginner Adelaide
darren - Power BI Beginner, .
This course was very informative for someone who is very familiar with Excel and self-taught but wanting to fill in the gaps and expand their knowledge even more. Steven was a brilliant trainer - he spoke clearly and slowly (which really helps when doing this course online) and made sure that everyone in the session was following each step. And his virtual chocolate frogs were much appreciated! Thank you so much! -Excel Advanced Brisbane
Rebecca - Excel Advanced, .
Good Introduction to advance features, would like to extend to the next level which is probably more aligned to the specialist courses. Key Goals achieved - 7 efficiency options in modelling identified. -Excel Advanced Brisbane
Robyn - Excel Advanced, .
Stephen was easy to follow and doing it on line was a great experience. -Excel Advanced Brisbane
Helen - Excel Advanced, .
Steven was a fantastic teacher - explained things clearly and checked in. His also took the time to find out what we do for work and try to tailor what we focused on based on those needs or highlight when what we were learning may be especialy applicable to certain people. The course is great with the resources to play with - i got a lot out of it Virutal chocolate frogs for Steven! -Excel Advanced Brisbane
Shakira - Excel Advanced, .

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