How to organise a party with Microsoft

Microsoft forms is a dynamic tool for anybody and everybody. Learn how to use Microsoft forms to make planning group events a breeze.

Sharepoint Banner Image
What is "Visualize the list" in SharePoint?

Recently Microsoft has announced further information about the Visualize list feature that will be available in Microsoft Lists (aka SharePoint Lists). We'll break down what this means and how you'll be able to use it.

Person holding phone and paper with charts
Office 365 – the productivity powerhouse

The team at Microsoft is always implementing new tools to make sure your important data is properly integrated into your digital systems. Read on for three simple, yet smart features that help make this happen.

Microsoft Sway icon
Getting to know Microsoft Sway

Chances are you have not heard of Microsoft’s Sway before, so we’ve put together a quick guide as to what the program is and how you can best use it for your business.

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8 ways to use Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a versatile tool, providing streamlined business solutions to its users.


Tips for higher adoption rates for end-user training
Encourage higher adoption rates with end-user training

Encourage higher adoption rates with end-user training.  Knowing who your end-users are and what skills gaps exist, you can gain significant productivity and outcome improvements with the right training course.

Small business and the cloud infographic
Stay Competitive with the Cloud

The past 25 years has seen a progression of people needing to be in the office less and less. It’s no longer the only place where work can be done. Email has replaced the post room, mobiles have replaced fixed line phones, laptops have replaced desktops and all the while all of these options have become more accessible and more efficient.

Cloud computing is the obvious next step in this progression. With more businesses that are set up remotely, cloud computing allows companies the freedom to compete with larger organisations with less of the resources. Or rather, more efficient resources.

Remote Working
Why Remote Workers Outperform Office Workers

Office workers find it more difficult to concentrate at their desks. Read why companies are opting for remote work and how you can begin to start integrating it in your business today.

Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part I
Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part I

For our next series on Power BI our trainer Matt has put together a comprehensive guide on seamless Power BI Integration with Office 365. So, this follows along from last weeks series on Power BI Dashboard creation. For example, using Power BI integrations with Office 365 you will be able to create more powerful data driven dashboards.

Team at desk fist bump
Office 365 – What you need to know

Microsoft Office 365 in a general sense is an integrated platform of services. Read below for our take on the positives and negatives of Office 365.

Screenshot of Windows File Explorer
Office 365 Capabilities

With the constant updates and upgrades to the Office 365 platform it can be easy to lose touch with some of the most effective Office 365 capabilities. Here’s a rundown of some of our top Office 365 functionalities.

Screenshot of SharePoint
Guide to less familiar Microsoft Products

Most people have heard of the core office products such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Today, we want to give you a flavour of the other applications we offer and regularly teach.

Screenshot of LinkedIn on tablet and mobile devices
Improve Your Relationships with Office 365 & LinkedIn

An important update you may have missed last year was the integration between LinkedIn and Office 365. In regards to both personal and professional development as a company and as an individual. These relatively new Office 365 updates you may have missed allow you to view information from LinkedIn profiles from Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint in Office 365.

The importance of Office 365
Top Business Features in Office 365

Office 365 has become such a baseline application in the last couple of years that many businesses and corporations have switched over.

Florist workspace
Checklist of Essential Small Business Technology

Keeping up with the fast pace of technological change can be especially difficult for the business owner. Here's our picks for gaining the competitive edge in 2018.



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