Tamara Shatar Oct 22, 2021

Nexacu Python Certifications

Congratulations to Wade, our very first student to complete the Nexacu Python for Data Analysis Certification!

Wade had no prior experience with Python before taking his first class with us but rapidly acquired a wide array of skills that he demonstrated in a very impressive final capstone project. Even he has been surprised by how much he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

He has kindly allowed us to share feedback of his experience and a summary of his work.

How did you find out about Nexacu? Why did you choose Nexacu?

"The organisation I work for has been using Nexacu to provide staff with technical training for a number of years. We initially discovered Nexacu through an internet search. We continue to choose Nexacu because of the quality content and excellent instructors."

What were your training goals?

"To gain new programming skills relating to data cleansing and analytics, with the overall aim of automating a number of tedious, manual tasks."

What were the initial challenges that led you to look for training? What problems were you trying to solve?

"I regularly access and analyse data from multiple sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Typically, this involves downloading spreadsheets and analysing the data using Excel pivot tables and functions. Ultimately, I wanted to automate as much of this process as possible."

Has the Python Certification program enabled you to meet your goals and if so, how?

"Definitely! The skills I have gained from completing the Python certification has helped me automate a large portion of my work."

How has your training with us changed the way that you now solve the problems you listed above?

"I now use Python code where I can to access, clean and analyse data."

Will your new skills enable you save time on these tasks in the future? If so, can you estimate how much time? Are there any other measurable benefits of the training?

"Absolutely! Hours of data cleansing can now be done in seconds using Python. Investing a small amount of time in writing Python code can save hours or days of work in the future. I now have more time to focus on data analysis."

The Capstone Project

Wade created a class, CPSAnalysis to simplify the process of connecting to, downloading and analysing data from the (US) Current Population Survey (CPS).

Users can select the time period and variables of interest for download and examine relationships between variables, such as the drivers of hourly earnings.

The class contains functionality that allows users to easily visualise variables of interest using histograms and boxplots. It automates the processes of data preparation for analysis, the fitting of Generalised Linear Models (GLMs), prediction from the models and visualisation of model results and performance.

Accessing the data

python class

Exploring distributions of variables from the dataset

python histogram


Creating a model and predicting from it

python and prediction model

This project served as a proof-of-concept for a work project that will access Australian HILDA data and automate similar operations.  Wade has been awarded a Credly badge verifying his achievement, that he can share online. His code can be accessed and downloaded from github.

Learn more about how our certification programs can help you streamline your workflows and help your team work more efficiently. We also offer Python basics, data analysis in python, and python intermediate. Check out our Python courses today.

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