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A Beginner’s Guide to Python Programming (Complete Guide)

Discover why Python is the perfect language for beginners and aspiring programmers. From its user-friendly syntax to its incredible versatility in web development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence, Python opens doors to endless opportunities.

How Learning Python Enhances Skills in Power BI, Excel and SQL

Discover the transformative potential of Python, the versatile programming language, as it weaves a thread of innovation across diverse professional domains. From SQL to Power BI and Excel, this article unveils how Python's prowess enhances the skills of students, opening new doors to opportunities. Explore the dynamic synergy between Python and these streams, forging a path of continuous growth and cross-disciplinary expertise.

Real-World Applications of Python

Explore the real-world applications of Python coding that are revolutionising industries globally. Python's versatility and ease of use empower businesses to drive efficiency and innovation, from data science and analytics to AI, automation, and web development.

Which Is Better: Data Science Or Data Analysis?

Big data provides actionable results and insights that have made it a crucial component of today's tech world. To sort through such massive datasets and retrieve the right information, you must have the right tools and understand how to use them.

Python Certification Experience

Congratulations to Wade, our very first student to complete the Nexacu Python for Data Analysis Certification!  Wade had no prior experience with Python but has now produced a very impressive final capstone project.

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Simplify your life with Python

Quickly and easily complete tasks that could have otherwise be quite time-consuming and tedious with this Python code.

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What is args and how do I use it?

You may have seen *args in the help documentation for Python functions and methods. This post explains what this parameter is, how to use functions that include an *args parameter and how to include *args in your own custom functions.

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Python Magic Commands in Jupyter

Python users who work in Jupyter computational notebooks have access to an extra collection of commands – known as magic commands. Magic commands are an enhancement of the interactive IPython kernel (used by Jupyter) and make performing common tasks easier than using Python code alone.

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Data Frames and DataFrames

The data frame (or DataFrame) is an essential tool for anyone using R or Python to analyse data. They are rectangular or tabular data structures, that hold rows and columns of data, similar to tables in a database or an Excel spreadsheet.

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The pandas DataFrame groupby() method

The pandas groupby() is a versatile DataFrame method that enables to users to quickly and efficiently separate datasets into groups by a chosen variable. It can be used to report summary statistics for each group, loop over groups and to separate data into subsets.

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Code-Based Tools for Analysing Data

We have recently been training a growing number of professionals in R and Python as they migrate from other code-based analytical packages such as MATLAB, Stata, SAS and SPSS. This post outlines some of the reasons for using code-based tools and why organisations are increasingly using Python and R for their data analysis needs.

What is R script? Nexacu
Increase Productivity with Python & R

Both R and Python have a huge range of functionality available for working with data. Investing a few weeks to learn to use a programming language will enable you achieve big productivity gains. 



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