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Using R scripts in Power BI

Learn how to create predictive models, use data mining tools or create visuals not available in native PBI.

Do you need to perform statistical analyses on your data? Do you want to present the results in Power BI? Learn how you can use the R statistical programming language within Power BI to harness the strengths of both of these tools.

This webinar, our instructor Tamara, will show you how to get started using R within Power BI. We'll work through examples of how to use R scripts to import, create, modify or analyse your data and visualise the results. We'll discuss data frames - what they are and how they are used to save your results or refer to your data in your R Scripts. And we'll discuss the benefits and limitations of using R in Power BI.

Course Details
80 mins
Instructor Led
CPD Hours
1.33 Hrs
12 month
Skill Level
Course Prerequisites

Skills and software requirements for this webinar. To get the most out of this webinar, make sure you have the software ready to go.

Skill Requirements:

  • Power BI Intermediate/Advanced Users

Software Requirements:

  • Power BI Desktop - current version
  • R  - downloaded free from

Learn how to use R scripts in Power BI

  • Our Instructor
  • Tamara is a Data Scientist
  • She holds a PhD in Machine Learning 
  • Has many years of experience including at the CSIRO, where she worked at a data scientist and trained colleagues
  • Tamara has been a trainer with us for some time and continues to receive outstanding reviews from students 


  • Background - what is R?
  • Why use R scripts in Power BI?
  • Setting up
  • Using the R Connector to import or create a dataset
  • Preprocess and import data


  • Case study - RFM analysis
  • Using R Scripts in Power Query Editor - working on data already imported in Power Query
  • Saving results of R Scripts
  • Use an R Script to create a calendar / date dimension table
  • Use R Scripts to perform Cluster Analysis
  • Modifying your R Scripts in Power Query Editor
  • Create visualisations using R Script visuals
  • Create and visualise Classification and Regression Trees
  • Limitations of R Script visuals in Power BI
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System Requirements


  • Internet Explorer: Version 9 to 11
  • Firefox or Google Chrome: Latest Version

Software requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.5.x, 10.6.x *(Online self-paced courses courseware works with Mac OS, diagnostic tests do not.)

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Thank you it was wonderful. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Kay - Power BI Beginner, .
I found Jason very easy to understand and listen to. He explained things clearly and was quite engaging. Thank you! -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Treena - Power BI Beginner, .
AA -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Peter - Power BI Beginner, .
Great day. Easy to follow, insightful and instructor (Jason) was very patient. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Damon - Power BI Beginner, .
Awesome, thank-you Jason -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Jackie - Power BI Beginner, .
Thanks Jason. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Moeko - Power BI Beginner, .
excellent !!!! Jason made it seem so easy -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
jackson - Power BI Beginner, .
Good introduction to PowerBI, -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Brent - Power BI Beginner, .
Good value, just a little short to cover everything thoroughly. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Julie - Power BI Beginner, .
The teacher was very helpful, and I learnt a lot from the course. Thank you -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Jordan - Power BI Beginner, .
A great course with clear guidelines and instructions. Steven was a great teacher, very patient and willing to answer all questions as the day moved along. NFP -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Claire - Power BI Beginner, .
Great course. Fantastic teacher. Amazing time management. Super clear and useful material. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
private - Power BI Beginner, .
Very well presented, nice pace and very thorough, I highly recommend it. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Adriana - Power BI Beginner, .
Was a great course, Steven went at a good pace ensuring that our team of 9 was able to keep pace & understand what we were doing. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Miles - Power BI Beginner, .
Great course -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Rebecca - Power BI Beginner, .
Great intro to a very complicated product. The course covered a lot of ground and I will be referring to the printed manual, which looks very good. Very fast paced but I could keep up (just!). -Power BI Beginner Sydney
Irvin - Power BI Beginner, .
Steven did a great job. Thanks! -Office365 Intermediate Brisbane
Verity - Office365 Intermediate, .
> Very knowledgeable instructor > Ran over examples a few times which was helpful -Power BI Beginner Sydney
Michael - Power BI Beginner, .
Very helpful training and fantastic facilitator. -Power BI Beginner Sydney
Barbara - Power BI Beginner, .
really helpful introduction and targeted support on use of PowerBi adjusted for our context -Power BI Beginner Sydney
Sarah - Power BI Beginner, .

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