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Over 21481 Reviews
excellent presenter, very knowledgeable, think i require some more intermediate knowledge before attempting the advanced options he showed us -Office 365 Intermediate/Advanced Remote Online
Peter - Office 365 Intermediate/Advanced, .
Very comprehensive coverage of Teams, SharePoint doc library and Automate. -Office 365 Intermediate/Advanced Remote Online
Steven - Office 365 Intermediate/Advanced, .
Great course, Tamara ran through everything at a pace that was easy enough to keep up with but ensured that the class continued to progress properly. Tamara was able to deal with a number of technical difficulties and explained questions clearly and coherently whenever we got stuck. -Fundamentals of R Remote Online
Natalya - Fundamentals of R, .
Really enjoyed the course. Domenic was a teriffic teacher -Power BI Beginner Remote Online
Chris - Power BI Beginner, .
thank you -Office 365 Intermediate/Advanced Remote Online
Daniel - Office 365 Intermediate/Advanced, .
Very informative and will be very useful for what we do. -Power BI Beginner Remote Online
Rabiul - Power BI Beginner, .
Thanks Domenic. Very eloquently spoken, and quiet well explained content. It all looked daunting at the start, but you explained it in a way that it can be easily worked. -Power BI Beginner Remote Online
Bruno - Power BI Beginner, .
Great online training -Power BI Beginner Remote Online
Boris - Power BI Beginner, .
Wow, amazing course. So much info and great teacher :) -Power BI Beginner Remote Online
Siew - Power BI Beginner, .
Good course -Power BI Beginner Remote Online
Anna - Power BI Beginner, .
Very enjoyable and knowledgeable training. Teacher explains things very well and is extremely helpful. Will highly recommend to all. -Excel Intermediate Parramatta
Terry - Excel Intermediate, .
Great content coverage . Amazing trainer with very highly skilled and knowleadge. I wish i did this earlier.4 will be back for few other courses. -Excel Intermediate Parramatta
Mohammed - Excel Intermediate, .
great training session with good examples to work with. -Excel Intermediate Parramatta
Mo - Excel Intermediate, .
Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot -Power BI Beginner Perth
Maree - Power BI Beginner, .
An awesome course - a very comprehensive introductory overview of Power BI. -Power BI Beginner Perth
Grant - Power BI Beginner, .
Excellent course, well though out and well presented. Steven was very helpful and made sure that nobody fell behind. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Wayne - Power BI Beginner, .
Provided a good insight into Power B beginner level.. Well paced course, easy to follow. Provided tools that can be used in the work place. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Ian - Power BI Beginner, .
It was a excellent experience and Ken is amazing -Power BI Beginner Melbourne
Ahinur - Power BI Beginner, .
Good course. Would be good to have full screens instead of working off a laptop. Steven works very logically. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Natalie - Power BI Beginner, .
I found the session very informative. I had technology issues due to bandwidth at my end, but the presenter was able to assist and problem solve allowing me to access the learning. Thank you, I will find the learning very useful in my work. -Power BI Beginner Brisbane
Sandy - Power BI Beginner, .

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Valued by Individuals


Over 21481 Reviews
Good Overview - got what i needed -Office365 Beginner Melbourne
robert - Office365 Beginner, .
Got a lot of today thanks -Office365 Beginner Sydney
Courtney - Office365 Beginner, .
Excellent Course. Michael was very good at explaining the concepts. -Office365 Beginner Sydney
Mark - Office365 Beginner, .
easy to follow, friendly.. -Excel Beginner Adelaide
Shane - Excel Beginner, .
good course just need to apply to cement knowledge -Excel Beginner Adelaide
Mathew - Excel Beginner, .
Very good course, well presented and communicated throughout -Excel Beginner Adelaide
Brian - Excel Beginner, .
very informative and explained clearly -Excel Beginner Adelaide
Richard - Excel Beginner, .
great start to learning your way around -Excel Beginner Adelaide
Daniel - Excel Beginner, .
The course was fairly concise and easily consumed. Steven did a great job of adjusting the material and delivery for the Army environment, which can be less than accommodating at times. I personally found the material to be very simple and easily understood, but some of my classmates were not quite on the same page so I think it was appropriate for the audience receiving it. -SharePoint Site Owner Brisbane
Joel - SharePoint Site Owner, .
The training facilitated by Steven was to a very high standard. Although some of our course members were interrupted by some real time events happening in the background, Steven was able to adapt and focus on delivering some good training. He has an excellent instructor presence. -SharePoint Site Owner Brisbane
Phil - SharePoint Site Owner, .
Steven was a excellent instructor. He was able to tailor his package to our requirements and remained flexible to our demanding work requirements. His lessons were well developed and his instructional style was patient and professional. -SharePoint Site Owner Brisbane
Andrew - SharePoint Site Owner, .
Jagg was an excellent trainer - very patient, had lots of options for people who didn't have the newest versions. I feel really confident about what I learnt today and I am very happy I did this course! -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Melissa - Power BI Beginner, .
Excellent! Very knowledgeable instructor. -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Jason - Power BI Beginner, .
Great course, very informative. Great instructor, very helpful -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Sarah - Power BI Beginner, .
Great session, moves at a good pace with support when needed. Thanks -Power BI Beginner Adelaide
Matthew - Power BI Beginner, .
Excellent! -Microsoft Applications - Customised Sydney
Candice - Microsoft Applications - Customised, .
Very helpful -Microsoft Applications - Customised Sydney
Janet - Microsoft Applications - Customised, .
The learning environment and facilities are great. Ken knew the course content and is a friendly trainer.. -SharePoint Site Owner Melbourne
Robbie - SharePoint Site Owner, .
Thank you Ken Great 2 day of learning lots of information, looking forward to making our New Company SharePoint Site -SharePoint Site Owner Melbourne
Natasha - SharePoint Site Owner, .
Thank you Ken, I feel a lot more empowered and up-skilled with regards to SharePoint. I am looking forward to supporting my organisation to leverage SharePoint as one of collaboration and information management tools. -SharePoint Site Owner Melbourne
Annita - SharePoint Site Owner, .

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