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Applying Conditional Formatting

I’ve been conducting Excel Courses for Excel Consulting for a couple of years now. Excel Intermediate is our most frequently offered course. In that course, Conditional Formatting seems to be the most favorite topic for most groups that I’ve come across.


The Most Useful Function in Excel
The Most Useful Function in Excel

The most common function in Excel would most likely be the SUM function, but our vote is that the excel IF function is definitely the most useful.  This tutorial explains how to use the IF function and how this can become an integral part to simplifying your formula editing.

13 tips for using excel efficiently from nexacu
13 Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know

If you are looking at increasing your workplace productivity then learning how to use Microsoft Excel efficiently is a great step. We present 13 Microsoft Excel shortcuts that you need to know and will supercharge your skills.

Tips To Troubleshoot VLOOKUP in Excel
Tips To Troubleshoot VLOOKUP in Excel

In this blog, we will troubleshoot the most common mistakes made while using VLOOKUP in ExcelI and provide some quick and easy solutions.

The Art of Continuous Improvement
The Art of Continuous Improvement

The art of continuous improvement is the commitment to making small improvements and changes every day, with the expectation that those small improvements..

Financial chart at business meeting
Top 5 tips for Building Financial Models

Financial modelling requires bespoke models, predominantly built to evaluate or assess a specific type of project whether it's to value a business, assess an investment opportunity or run scenario analysis.

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What not to do before workplace training

We are fortunate in that we have a core of fantastic and loyal trainers. They consistently receive outstanding feedback from their participants.

Why we are better than an RTO
How SharePoint can make flexible work easier

Using SharePoint actively in our organisation has meant working from home or the coffee shop is a real option. SharePoint and flexible working are a reality.

Professional people sitting around table
My First Training Day in Years

I’d completed the Excel training online beginner course. But it still does not compare to a class room style instructor led training.

Public training courses versus group onsite training options
Public vs Workplace training

Comparison of training options for training managers responsible for training large numbers of people in an organization.

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