How to insert Checkboxes in Excel

Inserting checkboxes in Excel sounds rather trivial, but this particular skill opens up a range of new opportunities that can help you keep on track with goals, lists, schedules, and assignments. 

person typing on laptop power bi
How to Copy Data from Power BI to Excel

Excel and Power BI are both incredibly useful data science tools and if you are starting out your career in data science, they will give you a solid foundation. You can get amazing interactive dynamic reports with Power BI but at times you do need static reports that require copying data from Power BI to Microsoft Excel. This can be a confusing process, especially for a beginner...

Top Careers in Data Analysis

Data Analytics is one of the most promising fields for job growth. Businesses worldwide will need to continue to increase their analytical capabilities to develop a competitive edge. 

Date and Time Tips in Excel

The reach of Microsoft makes it imperative that you can navigate their software. Even something as simple as knowing best how to use dates and times in excel can make a massive difference in your day. 

Excel Basics: Rows and Columns

One of the key basics to understand when getting started in Excel are rows and columns. In this article, we dive into a basic how to guide to get you started.

Just how easy is power maps?

Everyone knows about the incredible business capabilities of Excel. Although considered an application for “number people” it can be a powerful visualisation tool. Take Power Maps – the handy tool that maps data.

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