How To Stay Focused At Work

Being able to focus and concentrate is essential to getting things done. Unfortunately, the ability to focus does not come easy to many of us. You feel scattered, fuzzy, and out of control as your mind wanders off. It's time to take control of your day and learn how to focus. 

How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst

As technology continues to advance, more and more people are relying on cloud solutions to store their information. However, this makes such information prone to cyberattacks, so there is an increasing demand for cyber security.

Read on and discover how to navigate through and grow in this career path.

How To Write Good Emails - 9 Secrets From The Pros

Emails are the communication method in the professional world. Good email writing will instantly improve your credibility among colleagues and team leaders. But since emails are usually so eloquent and carry an assertive tone, many people struggle to craft effective ones. Learn how to communicate effectively in this article. 

How to Write a Resume

Looking for a new job should be a process that is full of excitement; but the legwork involved sometimes complicates the process. From researching prospective employers and lining up references to ensuring a job meets your needs and actually attending the interview, there are many aspects of the job hunt that require your attention.

How to Become a Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager (BDM) strives to create new commercial possibilities, strategic collaborations, and business relationships to benefit an organisation. 

How to Become a Software Tester

Jumpstart your career in software testing by learning some of the most essential information in achieving this role. 

career pathways software develop working on computer
How to become a Software Developer

A software developer is a professional skilled in designing and building computer programs and applications. The software developer job requires a mastery of various technical skills in computer programming. A career in this field can be physically and mentally taxing, but it is lucrative and rewarding. In today's world, a software developer is relevant in almost every industry, sector, and area of life.

How to Become a Pilot

A pilot is a person who is legally authorised to fly an aircraft, having obtained a licence to do so. They manage the take-off, landing, and mid-air steering of the air while coordinating with the air traffic control on the ground. 

bored worker at desk
8 Steps to Increase Workplace Productivity

If you’re grappling with improving workplace productivity, you are not alone. Many business owners, managers, and employees share your struggles. There are multiple benefits of improving productivity, but increasing productivity at work is easier said than done. 

How To Become A Teacher

Teachers play a critical role in inspiring the next generation and setting students on a path to success. In this article, we dig a bit deeper into this career and exactly how to become one. 

How To Become A Miner

A career within the mining industry can be both lucrative and rewarding, especially for those who enjoy hands-on practical work. In this article, we delve into the specifics and provide you with an overview of exactly how to become a miner.

farmer in field holding crops
How To Become A Farmer

Farming is a fantastic job for someone who loves hard physical work and the laid-back life of farms and fields. If you want to run away from the hustle and bustle of corporate life and start a career in farming, you can find everything you need to know in this article.

How To Become A Sales Manager

Sales Managers are a crucial part of any company. They are responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies, maintaining client relationships, and training and coaching sales representatives. 

How To Become A Database Administrator

A Database Administrator DBA is an IT professional who uses special software to secure, organise, and store data. The DBA oversees and manages all aspects of a database environment to ensure that an organisation's databases and related applications work optimally, and that data is searchable.

How to become a Social Media Manager

With the rise in the use of social media, the demand for Social Media Managers has also risen exponentially. Brands and Individuals rely heavily on social media to get their word across as it has become the main communication medium. Therefore, the need for a manager who can professionally manage and plan strategies for growth rises. 

How to Become a Data Visualisation Analyst

Big data is playing a greater role in almost every industry. On the back of our increasing reliance on data to make decisions, many new types of roles are emerging, including that of a Data Visualisation Analyst. 



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