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Microsoft PowerApps Courses - Melbourne

Power Apps training will empower your workforce - attend remotely!

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Learn how to design and create professional apps to deploy across your organisation, without the need to engage a developer. Streamline how you work with Point and Click App Development. PowerApps allows you to easily connect and empower your mobile workforce with Custom Apps.

PowerApps is the “citizen application development platform”, enabling all users to build their own apps to solve problems or improve their workflows.  The point-and-click approach means anyone can successfully make their own app, from the CEO to the factory floor worker. View our scheduled PowerApps training courses, offered in the Melbourne CBD.

Microsoft PowerApps Courses - Melbourne

Create professional, customised solutions with code-free apps. Instructor-led, hands-on courses in Melbourne.
from $ 440
10 max
1 day
Course Dates
Upcoming Courses:
Course Dates
Thu 22-Apr-21
Thu 22 Apr
Power Apps Advanced
Status: Confirmed
Mon 3-May-21
Mon 3 May
Power Apps Beginner
Status: Scheduled
Tue 4-May-21
Tue 4 May
Power Apps Intermediate
Status: Scheduled
Mon 31-May-21
Mon 31 May
Power Apps Intermediate
Status: Scheduled
Tue 1-Jun-21
Tue 1 Jun
Power Apps Advanced
Status: Scheduled
Fri 4-Jun-21
Fri 4 Jun
Power Apps Beginner
Status: Scheduled
Tue 22-Jun-21
Tue 22 Jun
Power Apps Beginner
Status: Scheduled
Wed 23-Jun-21
Wed 23 Jun
Power Apps Intermediate
Status: Scheduled
Mon 12-Jul-21
Mon 12 Jul
Power Apps Beginner
Status: Scheduled
Tue 13-Jul-21
Tue 13 Jul
Power Apps Intermediate
Status: Scheduled
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Taking enrollments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PowerApps?

PowerApps is a Microsoft application which allows anybody to create an App using a point and click approach. It empowers business users to create apps to solve problems and improve processes in the workplace without the need for IT developers to create the solutions.

Where is the training held in Melbourne?

Your PowerApps training will be held at our Melbourne offices, Level 3, 466 Little Lonsdale St., Melbourne. We are a block from Flagstaff station.

I previously attended a course with Excel Consulting, will the training be similar?

Yes, we rebranded from Excel Consulting in October 2019. The business quickly outgrew its original name. Our new brand Nexacu, better reflects our direction, continued innovation and commitment to deliver next level learning. We have always refined and continue to update our courses but retain our excellent trainers and deliver the same high quality content.

Power Apps Course Details

Power Apps Beginner: $440
Power Apps Intermediate: $595
Power Apps Advanced: $595
1 day
9am - 4pm ( approx )
Class Size (max)
Class Size (avg)
Reference Materials
Training Computer
CPD Hours
6 hours
Instructor-led training
Level 3, 466 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

*Limited in-class seats due to COVID-19.

Power Apps Course Outlines

  • Power Apps Beginner
  • Power Apps Intermediate
  • Power Apps Advanced
  • PL-100 Power Apps Certification
Course Rating
Microsoft Power Apps Training Courses

4.70 5 Microsoft Power Apps Training Courses
4.70 out of 5
158 Student Reviews

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There is parking available across the road, 20 meters away from our Melbourne office:

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Valued by Individuals

4.70 / 5
Over 158 Reviews
Good last session, the Power App advanced one!. As the two previous ones that I did, Dominic (the trainer) was very good. Had some good examples. -Power Apps Advanced Perth
Ralph - Power Apps Advanced, .
It is a great learning exposure. Loved the fact that it is very thorough and you get the chance to do everything first hand. -Power Apps Advanced Perth
Kiran - Power Apps Advanced, .
Very good session, had some good examples of how I can apply what was taught. The trainer was excellent. -Power Apps Intermediate Perth
Ralph - Power Apps Intermediate, .
Very good training, easy to follow. -Power Apps Beginner Perth
Ralph - Power Apps Beginner, .
Very informative, large content coverage, friendly presenter -Power Apps Beginner Parramatta
Stephen - Power Apps Beginner, .
. -Power Apps Advanced Brisbane
patrick - Power Apps Advanced, .
clear and neat detail Explanations. -Power Apps Advanced Brisbane
Aparna - Power Apps Advanced, .
Very good, Jason was very patient and knowledgeable. Course may have been a little slow for myself but worked well for the class and met everyone's needs in the class. -Power Apps Beginner Brisbane
Christie - Power Apps Beginner, .
Good course. -Power Apps Beginner Brisbane
Gregory - Power Apps Beginner, .
Great presenter, very informative! -Power Apps Intermediate Adelaide
Angela - Power Apps Intermediate, .
Great course and easy to follow learning session! -Power Apps Intermediate Melbourne
Julie - Power Apps Intermediate, .
Good Details. -Power Apps Intermediate Melbourne
Aparna - Power Apps Intermediate, .
Thanks -Power Apps Intermediate Melbourne
Michael - Power Apps Intermediate, .
I learnt a lot about using PowerApps with other applications -Power Apps Intermediate Melbourne
Patrick - Power Apps Intermediate, .
Good course overall. Nexacu might look at smaller building blocks for Apps e.g. Different Properties of items (buttons, text, forms etc) and how they can be changed by using formulas or leaving them as default. This is so students understand why they are changing something and not just copying what the lecturer is showing all the time. -Power Apps Beginner Adelaide
Annie - Power Apps Beginner, .
he is Excellent in Explaining controls and features. -Power Apps Beginner Adelaide
Aparna - Power Apps Beginner, .
Very insightful course, thorough and clear with instructions! -Power Apps Beginner Adelaide
Zach - Power Apps Beginner, .
Excellent course - Ken is a great instructor -Power Apps Beginner Melbourne
Karin - Power Apps Beginner, .
Only thing I can fault was the online description of the course. Was a little different to what I had expected, but certaintly gained knowledge, that is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.. Jason did very good presentation remotely. -Power Apps Advanced Brisbane
Lance - Power Apps Advanced, .
Great case study and allowed me to see the process from end to end. -Power Apps Advanced Brisbane
Sandy - Power Apps Advanced, .

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