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4 Tips for VBA Excellence

Our comprehensive guide offers four essential tips and tricks to boost your VBA proficiency and confidence. Discover what VBA is, how it empowers you to automate tasks and customise applications, and explore key aspects of VBA programming. Learn how to harness the power of the recorder, embrace a modular approach, enforce variable declaration, and streamline your automation with alert management.


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Microsoft Project Cheat Sheet

Make your projects run like clockwork, with these top tips from our Project experts.

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How to create Pivot Tables in Excel

Pivot Tables are one of the most powerful tools in Excel. A Pivot Table is a table of statistics that summarises data from a more extensive table. Here’s a quick overview of how to create your own Pivot Table.

What is Financial Modelling?

What is Financial Modelling? It's a term we hear but often have very different ideas about what constitutes financial modelling. So how do we define it? Nexacu offer an introductory course for Financial Modelling in Excel.

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How to Create a Drop-Down List in Excel

Take your data entry skills in Excel to the next level with the invaluable tool of custom drop-down lists. Explore this all-inclusive guide that not only introduces a straightforward five-step method but also provides invaluable expert insights and strategies for crafting personalised drop-down lists that will turbocharge your spreadsheet efficiency.

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Power Apps Cheat Sheet

Microsoft's Power Apps allows for the creation of quick, low-code apps without the need for a developer. However, the platforms vast functionality means beginning the process can be daunting. Read on for tips and tricks designed to make starting out as smooth as possible.

8 Steps to Perfect Project Management

Effective project management is all about cutting through clutter to focus on the items that are going to make the biggest impact.

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The Power Platform: tools for better business

Is this your own project or part of a team? Are there many deliverables or very few? These are critical factors in determining the right task management software.

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5 Project features you should be using every day

Microsoft Project is the go-to application for assisting project managers in streamlining their projects, as well as for resource and portfolio management.  Here are the top five features of Project that you should be using today.

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2019 Deloitte Technology Fast 50
Nexacu recognised for next level growth. We are excited to announce that Nexacu has been named in the 2019 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 winner’s circle.
Power BI August Updates
Power BI August Updates

Power BI Desktop's latest updates include entirely new features, as well as some exciting new updates in reporting, data connection and more.

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Your guide to SharePoint

Understanding what SharePoint is and how to use it for your business can be a difficult concept.  A simple explanation begins with stating that SharePoint is not a program, but instead a platform and collection of many different products and solutions bundled together.

Chart showing Teams growth beating Slack
Microsoft Teams overtakes Slack

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams into workspaces, customers have had their workplace collaboration transformed, business processes streamlined and critical information protected. The report by market research firm ETR shows that Teams is in fact surpassing Slack in daily use.

Economic Impact of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps
Economic impact of PowerApps and Flow

The implementation of business development and management tools such as Microsoft’s PowerApps and Flow can be invaluable.

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Four intermediate Flows for a busy week

Microsoft Flow is a versatile tool, providing streamlined business solutions to its users. Here’s a quick look at four intermediate-level Flow ideas to get your business going this week.



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