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4 Tips for VBA Excellence

Our comprehensive guide offers four essential tips and tricks to boost your VBA proficiency and confidence. Discover what VBA is, how it empowers you to automate tasks and customise applications, and explore key aspects of VBA programming. Learn how to harness the power of the recorder, embrace a modular approach, enforce variable declaration, and streamline your automation with alert management.


FAQs about Learning Excel Online

Knowing how to effectively use Excel is a game-changer in workplace productivity, so it's time to ask the question: What is the best way to learn Excel online? Find this and other FAQs here

Visual Basic terminology
Excel VBA Terminology

Visual Basic for Applications is a derivative of the programming language Visual Basic. Each Office application has its own particular kind of VBA depending on the objects and operation of the application.

Learn to code
Why Every Professional Should Code

In an exponentially digitising world it's more important than ever for professionals to learn to code. Nexacu offers leading Excel Macros training.

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