Power Automate

Why Corporates Are Upskilling in Power Automate

Corporations are leveraging fast, efficient, and easy-to-use digital solutions to upskill. With Power Automate, they can automate tedious tasks, reduce human errors, and save time, among other things. Such cloud solutions increase productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

How to use Power Automate in Power BI

Power Automate can take your information-sharing and collaboration processes to the next level. Power BI now has an inbuilt power automate visualisation which allows you to create visual reports that your end-users can run as an automated flow, just with the click of a button. 

How to use Power Automate in SharePoint

Simplify the process of implementing your business rules and taking care of your associated business procedures by using Power Automate within SharePoint.

4 Templates to use in Power Automate

Over 350,000 organisations around the globe use Power Automate to easily create automated workflows, to streamline tasks and processes so that users can focus on more important things. 

Why you need Power Automate

Are you spending too much time performing manual tasks? Power Automate can free up your time by automating a lot of menial tasks.



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