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Microsoft Teams

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What’s New in Teams?

Microsoft is constantly updating and innovating their products – including Teams, the collaboration application that skyrocketed in popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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UNSW Teams Success: Integrating AI in Education
After transforming the learning experience of his first year engineering students Dr Kellerman of UNSW decided to further improve the performance of his Teams site with AI.
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UNSW's Teams Success | Insights Blog
In 21st Century students require 21st century learning strategies. Dr Kellerman of UNSW provided just that, on a massive scale for his engineering students, all with Microsoft Teams.
Teams and the Power Platform
Microsoft has recently embedded Power Platform capabilities in Microsoft Teams, meaning customers can now make personal apps, chat bots and more using low-code tools at no additional cost.
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Keeping Up With Technology in 2020
The past decade has seen technology radically change almost every aspect of business management and development strategy. So it's crucial for companies looking to progress in 2020 to aim to be just as dynamic and adaptable as the technology they utilise. Making progress in the three key areas below will support you and your team in reaching your goals for 2020.
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Understanding Groups and Channels in Microsoft Teams

Understanding how teams, groups and channels all interact with each other in the Office 365 environment is at the very least confusing and often times frustrating. Check out our rundown below to get a better idea how all the pieces are meant to fit together.

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