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Microsoft Makes Remote Transition Seamless

COVID-19 saw a drastic change in the way we work. In this article, we get into exactly how Microsoft made the transition to remote working seamless for its users.

Microsoft Makes The In-Person To Remote Transition Seamless

COVID-19 has changed how things work. In particular, it has changed how people work by introducing the idea of remote work instead of standard 9-5 (in-person) office work. These new policies have caused employees and their managers to work out of the office for the first time. But which of these environments allows us to be more productive; home-office or office-office?

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UNSW Teams Success: Integrating AI in Education

After transforming the learning experience of his first year engineering students Dr Kellerman of UNSW decided to further improve the performance of his Teams site with AI.

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UNSW's Teams Success | Insights Blog

In 21st Century students require 21st century learning strategies. Dr Kellerman of UNSW provided just that, on a massive scale for his engineering students, all with Microsoft Teams.



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