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How is Power BI used in the Wholesale Industry?

Wholesalers face the challenge of managing diverse product inventories, fluctuating demand, and complex supply chains. This can lead to inefficiencies, excess inventory, and missed sales opportunities. A business intelligence platform like Microsoft Power BI can easily turn raw data into actionable insights that can improve operations.

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Top Features of Power BI

When it comes to modern data analysis and business intelligence, few tools can rival the prowess of Microsoft Power BI. This cutting-edge platform has earned its reputation as a game-changer, empowering organisations to unlock the full potential of their data. 

How Are Teachers Using Power BI?

While the phrase ‘business intelligence’ may suggest that you must be working at a business, any data-rich organisation or industry can realise massive benefits from implementing Power BI. At Nexacu we train education professionals, including both teachers and those in administration roles. Increasingly, the education industry is turning to Power BI for actionable insights.

How Social Media Managers Are Leveraging Power BI

Power BI has become an indispensable tool that enables organizations to unlock the potential of their data. Learn how social media managers are harnessing this power. 

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Is a Power BI Certification Right for Me?

Are you having second thoughts about whether pursuing a Power BI Certification is the right choice for you? Unlock the full potential of data analysis and intelligence by discovering the perfect course to navigate the data-driven landscape. Make an informed decision and unleash your data-driven success.

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Use Cases of a Power BI Dashboard in an Organisation

Unlock the power of data with Power BI dashboards. Explore real-time business monitoring, sales analytics, financial reporting, and more. Achieve a competitive edge in the dynamic business landscape.

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How Difficult is Power BI Training?

While Power BI training can be challenging for beginners, the right provider, course materials, and practical exercises enable learners to conquer obstacles and explore the invaluable features of Microsoft Power BI. Learn how training brings substantial benefits, such as enhanced data analysis skills, increased career opportunities, improved efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

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How to Copy Data from Power BI to Excel

Excel and Power BI are both incredibly useful data science tools and if you are starting out your career in data science, they will give you a solid foundation. You can get amazing interactive dynamic reports with Power BI but at times you do need static reports that require copying data from Power BI to Microsoft Excel. This can be a confusing process, especially for a beginner...

How Power BI is making a difference in 2022

Power BI’s immense popularity among businesses will only continue to grow in 2022. If you’re one of many managers wondering whether Power BI is the right platform for your business, this article is for you. 

How To Publish a Power BI Report

You've finally created a brilliant dashboard that will wow your colleagues - now what? Learn how to Publish your Power BI report here.

Login To Power BI
How To Login To Power BI

It is hard to understate how drastically Power BI has changed workplaces across the world. But you have to start at the start - How do you login?

7 Reasons to use Power BI

Organisations are constantly refining how they analyse data to draw actionable insights, and Microsoft's Power BI will simplify this process.

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What is "Visualize the list" in SharePoint?

Recently Microsoft has announced further information about the Visualize list feature that will be available in Microsoft Lists (aka SharePoint Lists). We'll break down what this means and how you'll be able to use it.

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How to learn Power BI

Whether you are a Business Intelligence professional, Excel guru or just starting out - these tips will help you to improve your Power BI skills.

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Top 5 tips for sitting the DA-100 exam

Sitting the DA-100 exam and becoming a certified Power BI user isn't easy, but we'll show you how to make it a little less difficult with our top 5 tips.

Power BI Video Series
Navigating Power BI on Mobile

Power BI Video Series | Episode 8
Learn how to effectively navigate Power BI whilst using a mobile device in this short tutorial video by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Steven Knight.

Power BI Video Series
Managing Alerts and Subscriptions on Power BI

Power BI Video Series | Episode 7
Learn how to set up and manage alerts and subscriptions on Power BI in this short tutorial video by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Steven Knight.

Power BI Video Series
How to export from Power BI

Power BI Video Series | Episode 6
Learn about the different options available when exporting from Power BI in this short tutorial video by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Steven Knight.



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