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Big brands using PowerApps

Let’s take a look at some of PowerApps’ best-known customers, and how they succeed in their problem solving with PowerApps.

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Big brands using Power BI

Here’s a look at some of Power BI’s most well-known customers, and how they succeed in their problem-solving with Power BI.

Microsoft Teams benefit
Economic impact of Microsoft Teams

The implementation of business collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams can be invaluable for a business.  Microsoft Teams touts itself as a business solution tool, helping to increase employee productivity, improve efficiency and save businesses time and money while doing so.  Teams can improve collaboration across an entire organisation, and provides an online space which fosters innovation within a well-informed and empowered workforce.

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Non-techies thrive with Microsoft

With the rise of technology-driven workplaces, many employees are feeling the pressure to amp up their technology skill sets in order to keep up with others and the industries around them.  Here’s a few examples of how anyone can develop their technological capacity in just a few simple steps with easy-to-use Microsoft programs.

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Getting to know Microsoft Sway

Chances are you have not heard of Microsoft’s Sway before, so we’ve put together a quick guide as to what the program is and how you can best use it for your business.

Publishing in PowerApps
How to publish and share your Power App

Previously we showed you the basics of how to build your own app using PowerApps.  Now we’re going to show you how to publish and share that app with users.

Build an app in 5 minutes with PowerApps

PowerApps enables users to build business-centric apps incredibly easily. Users can streamline business tasks and make their work more efficient. Today we're going to look at the basics of PowerApps, and go through how to build a basic app using our own dataset.

Refresh visual
Data Refresh in Power BI

In Power Bi, you can easily connect to your data, perform cleansing and modelling, and develop meaningful visuals. However a challenging concept is that of refreshing the data.

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5 things you can do to get more clients

Whether or not business is booming, it’s important to take a step back and take a look at what strategies you’re putting into place in order to get more clients.

Power BI March Updates
Power BI March Updates

Power BI, Microsoft’s suite of business analytics tools has had a lot of updates this month. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in March.

Training investment
Why you should invest in staff training and development

Training staff involves planning, resource allocation and effort. But taking the time and money out to provide for employee development is a prime opportunity – it can provide an invaluable return on investment, place your company ahead of its competitors, save you money and increase your employees’ performance. Here’s why you should invest in staff training and development.

Publishing in PowerApps
Four trends for the future of workplaces

The whole concept of work, how it’s carried out and by whom is undergoing profound change in 2019. As more Millennials and Gen Z enter into and begin to take over the workforce, many traditional work structures and processes are being questioned.

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8 ways to use Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a versatile tool, providing streamlined business solutions to its users.


Microsoft Gold Partner
Nexacu is now a Microsoft Gold Partner

Nexacu is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.  Microsoft recognise leading partners with either a Silver or Gold status, based on a series of criteria that must be met and maintained.  Nexacu is a leading provider of Microsoft training courses to end-users.

Sydney during Sunset - Nexacu
Nexacu Opens New Training Room in Sydney Location

Nexacu has grown in the key market of Sydney to now operate two training rooms in its prime CBD location.  This allows for more frequent offering of popular training courses in Microsoft end-user products.  We look forward to seeing you in our Sydney or Parramatta classrooms soon.

Microsoft Project Gantt Chart
Easy Gantt Charts in Excel

Tracking a series of related tasks against time is a process we perform often in both the workplace and in other aspects of our lives.

Excel and AI
Where AI and Excel Meet – Ignite Updates

Microsoft has just made AI and Excel a thing. The new updates from the Microsoft Ignite festival is something you don't want to miss. Check it out now.

Tips for higher adoption rates for end-user training
Encourage higher adoption rates with end-user training

Encourage higher adoption rates with end-user training.  Knowing who your end-users are and what skills gaps exist, you can gain significant productivity and outcome improvements with the right training course.

Small business and the cloud infographic
Stay Competitive with the Cloud

The past 25 years has seen a progression of people needing to be in the office less and less. It’s no longer the only place where work can be done. Email has replaced the post room, mobiles have replaced fixed line phones, laptops have replaced desktops and all the while all of these options have become more accessible and more efficient.

Cloud computing is the obvious next step in this progression. With more businesses that are set up remotely, cloud computing allows companies the freedom to compete with larger organisations with less of the resources. Or rather, more efficient resources.

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