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Microsoft Taking Leaps And Bounds

Azure Migrate is a free tool which makes it easy for customers, business and enterprise to bring their existing applications and data from their own servers up into the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Why we are better than an RTO
Why we are better than an RTO

Learn why we've decided to not become an RTO and how you can benefit from our decision. Nexacu is Australia's leading Microsoft trainer.

The importance of Office 365
Top Business Features in Office 365

Office 365 has become such a baseline application in the last couple of years that many businesses and corporations have switched over.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Business Flows
Top 5 Reasons to Use Business Flows

Business process automation or business flows is the process by which companies take out the most complex and redundant steps from their processes.

Visual Basic terminology
Excel VBA Terminology

Visual Basic for Applications is a derivative of the programming language Visual Basic. Each Office application has its own particular kind of VBA depending on the objects and operation of the application.

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8 SMART Tips for Financial Modelling

Financial modelling is a skill that requires planning, consistency and a deep understanding of the business problem being modelled. Here are 8 smart tips to get you started.

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A Typical Training Day

Are you wondering what's in store for you on your training day or how to get the most out of it

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CPD and How To Make It Work For You
Continuing professional development also known as CPD refers to the process of documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond any initial training or qualifications.
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7 Things To Start Your Year Off Right

Get ready to make 2018 your best year yet. To start off look back over the past year and see how far you’ve come and then how far you want to go.

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Guide to Microsoft Power BI

Everything that you need to know to get started with Microsoft’s data visualisation toolset, Power BI.

Learn to code
Why Every Professional Should Code

In an exponentially digitising world it's more important than ever for professionals to learn to code. Nexacu offers leading Excel Macros training.

The Power of Power BI
The Power of Power BI

Analysing data has never been easier. Power BI desktop brings the best of Power Query (called Get & Transform in Excel 2016) and Power Pivot.

Useful Tips When Using Microsoft Project
Useful Tips When Using Microsoft Project

From the outside, Microsoft Project does not seem like an inviting application compared to the rest of the office suite such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

A review of Power BI
Empowering your Data - Power BI Training Course Review

If you are considering learning to use Power BI, here is a detailed review from one of our very satisfied customers.  You'll hear about their experience and what they gained from attending Power BI Training at Nexacu.

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Why we value reviews above all else

Nexacu is a review driven business. Our focus on trainers receiving positive participant reviews has seen us grow to be Australia's fastest.  This is why we value the information we receive from reviews above all else.

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3 Powerful Reasons to Learn a New Language

Through Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom, he revealed the most important reason we should learn to speak a new language - to show respect for other people, their culture and their heritage.

Excel for Mac
5 Tips for Excel 2016 for Mac

If you are a Mac user and also delve into Excel then read on for some tips and tricks that could save you a ton of time!

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