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Understanding SharePoint Permissions

SharePoint permissions become important after you have created your first SharePoint site. With your new site you may want to provide or restrict user access to the site or its contents.

Create a flow from Excel
Microsoft Flow August Update

With the new August updates in Flow you can now create Flows directly from Excel. This is done with the new Flow button where you can create and trigger automations from Flow.


Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part II
Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part II

Following on from Tuesday's post we come with the second post of our Power BI Seamless Integration series. Last week we delved into Apps that provide information to Power BI and this week we will be delving into Apps that integrate directly with Power BI and how to deal with Administration.

Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part I
Power BI Integration with Office 365 Part I

For our next series on Power BI our trainer Matt has put together a comprehensive guide on seamless Power BI Integration with Office 365. So, this follows along from last weeks series on Power BI Dashboard creation. For example, using Power BI integrations with Office 365 you will be able to create more powerful data driven dashboards.

Power BI Creation Series - Episode 2
Power BI Creation Series - Episode 2

Matt has created an interactive dashboard showcasing our upcoming courses with a powerful filter technique. Learn how you can do the same.

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Power BI Creation Series - Episode 1

Last week we created an interactive Power BI dashboard. As a result, we were able to use it to showcase our upcoming courses. Allowing anyone to filter the results based upon courses, locations and dates. We have received lots of questions about how we created the dashboard and this article will describe some key elements of the dashboard and how we created them.

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Office 365 Capabilities

With the constant updates and upgrades to the Office 365 platform it can be easy to lose touch with some of the most effective Office 365 capabilities. Here’s a rundown of some of our top Office 365 functionalities.

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Guide to less familiar Microsoft Products

Most people have heard of the core office products such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Today, we want to give you a flavour of the other applications we offer and regularly teach.

Power BI Top Trainer Picks
Top Trainer Picks Microsoft Power BI

Discover Nexacu trainer Matt's top software pick for May - Microsoft Power BI. Why end-users need to Learn Power BI.

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How to find missing SharePoint Docs

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been in SharePoint and seen a document that I may need later in the future and made a mental note of its location only to search for it later and find that it’s…gone. We'll be talking about the 3 main reasons for missing Sharepoint Docs. Continue reading to see how you can get them back.

Creating an approval flow
Get Your Work Approved - Flow

We spend enough time getting our work completed, let's spend less time on getting it approved. Follow along in this tutorial to create an approval flow for documents uploaded to a SharePoint site.

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3 Important Work Life Lessons

3 Important Work Life Lessons to take control of your career and life. Take risks, find alternate paths to success and make new experiences each day.

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Five Ways to Better Manage Company Data

Are you staying on top of your data? If so, are you able to leverage it into actionable steps? For most companies and organisations information represents 49 percent of their value. Here are five steps you can take to better manage your data.

The Power of PowerApps
The Power of PowerApps

PowerApps is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based tool that allows business and IT users to create mobile based organization applications.

What's new in Power BI
What’s new in Power BI 2018

According to the Microsoft Power BI website there are two major themes for the Power BI February update.

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Improve Your Relationships with Office 365 & LinkedIn

An important update you may have missed last year was the integration between LinkedIn and Office 365. In regards to both personal and professional development as a company and as an individual. These relatively new Office 365 updates you may have missed allow you to view information from LinkedIn profiles from Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint in Office 365.

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How to Succeed With That One Thing

Success in any form is highly rewarding but there are better ways to get it than others. Find out how you can achieve greater success and less stress with our three simple steps below.

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