Professional Development

How to Become a Software Tester

Jumpstart your career in software testing by learning some of the most essential information in achieving this role. 

Hidden benefits of employee training

Is there more to training than meets the eye? We know software training can greatly improve your productivity, but what other benefits are there to employee training?

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How to learn Power BI

Whether you are a Business Intelligence professional, Excel guru or just starting out - these tips will help you to improve your Power BI skills.

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Top 5 tips for sitting the DA-100 exam

Sitting the DA-100 exam and becoming a certified Power BI user isn't easy, but we'll show you how to make it a little less difficult with our top 5 tips.

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Being agile in the face of COVID-19

In a recent editorial for the Canberra Times, our CEO, Paul Panebianco discusses how Nexacu are responding to a shifting environment brought about by COVID-19.

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Keeping Up With Technology in 2020

The past decade has seen technology radically change almost every aspect of business management and development strategy. So it's crucial for companies looking to progress in 2020 to aim to be just as dynamic and adaptable as the technology they utilise. Making progress in the three key areas below will support you and your team in reaching your goals for 2020.

effective software training
How effective is software training?
Software training is an important part of one’s continued personal development and plays a key role in maintaining and developing essential skills. But just how effective is it? And what are its implications for the workplace?
deloitte tech fast 50 winner nexacu
Deloitte Tech Fast 50 and APAC Fast 500!

We are proud that Nexacu placed 24th in the 2019 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 program and in early December, also ranked 269th in Asia Pacific. The Fast 50 and Fast 500 recognise the fastest growing tech companies in Australia and Asia Pacific respectively, and catapults Nexacu into a prestigious circle of previous inductees.

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2019 Deloitte Technology Fast 50
Nexacu recognised for next level growth. We are excited to announce that Nexacu has been named in the 2019 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 winner’s circle.
Training investment
Why you should invest in staff training and development

Training staff involves planning, resource allocation and effort. But taking the time and money out to provide for employee development is a prime opportunity – it can provide an invaluable return on investment, place your company ahead of its competitors, save you money and increase your employees’ performance. Here’s why you should invest in staff training and development.

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3 Important Work Life Lessons

3 Important Work Life Lessons to take control of your career and life. Take risks, find alternate paths to success and make new experiences each day.

Tips for keeping your life organised
Essential Tips to Keep Your Life Organised

Super organized people were not born organised people. They have cultivated their craft over multiple years with multiple failures. They have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organised. See below for our essential list of 5 things to keep you organised.

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How to Succeed With That One Thing

Success in any form is highly rewarding but there are better ways to get it than others. Find out how you can achieve greater success and less stress with our three simple steps below.

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CPD and How To Make It Work For You
Continuing professional development also known as CPD refers to the process of documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond any initial training or qualifications.
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7 Things To Start Your Year Off Right

Get ready to make 2018 your best year yet. To start off look back over the past year and see how far you’ve come and then how far you want to go.

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Career Advice You Need to Hear

Reaching success doesn’t just depend on your skills and abilities. It also depends on getting your head in the game. Here's some important career advice to get your head in the game.



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